In 2020, Google recorded a staggering 4.4 billion voice searches, which surged by 45% in 2023. Forecasts predict a further climb to 8.4 billion searches by 2024. This trend highlights the importance of voice optimization for businesses.

Voice optimization revolves around enhancing your digital footprint specifically for voice search results. The primary objective? To be chosen by voice assistants during search inquiries. Similar to text-based searches, voice optimization generates distinct search outcomes tailored for voice commands. However, voice assistants typically present only the top three results audibly to users.

It is crucial we mention that voice-based search inputs differ from their text-based counterparts. This discrepancy underscores the need to tailor keywords specifically for voice searches. Understanding these keywords and their strategic implementation is pivotal for your website’s success. Thankfully, this article discusses how to optimize for voice searches; offering insights and guidance to leveraging digital optimization for your business’s benefit.

Improve Your Technical SEO

Technical SEO lies at the core of how Tecnoid enhances a website’s performance to ensure it is easily discoverable, crawlable, and indexable by search engines. Our multifaceted approach involves a strategic focus on enhancing your website’s user experience while also prioritizing faster page loading times, crucial for retaining visitor engagement and search engine ranking.

As part of our recommendations, we advocate for optimizing websites to be mobile-friendly; recognizing the pervasive trend of users conducting searches on mobile devices. If you’re unsure about your website’s mobile compatibility, we encourage you to connect with us for an evaluation.

Another aspect of modern web design is its responsiveness across various screen sizes and devices, commonly referred to as ‘responsive design.’ Responsive designs dynamically adjust website layouts to ensure an optimal viewing experience, thereby significantly enhancing user satisfaction. Moreover, adhering to Google’s recommendation for a responsive design not only caters to user needs but also positively impacts your site’s search engine performance.

Finally, we seal our strategies by strengthening your website’s security through the implementation of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). HTTPS ensures a secure exchange of information between the website and the user’s browser, thereby bolstering user trust and safeguarding sensitive data. Search engines prioritize secure websites, potentially enhancing your website’s visibility for voice optimization, a rapidly evolving search trend.

Target Voice Search Keywords in Your Content 

We already established that keyword input for text-based searches is different from keyword input for voice-based searches. Voice-based searches come as “Hey Siri, tell me the closest restaurants near me” but a text-based search comes as “Restaurants near me”. This difference in keyword type is a pointer to the type of keywords you target for your website.

Speaking of keywords for voice optimization, there are long tail keywords that have lower competition because they have lower search volume. An example is “How to optimize for voice search”. Experts advise that you include long tail keywords because they’re likely to be used for voice optimization, plus they’re easy to rank. 

Another likely set of keywords to be used for voice optimization is conversational keywords. Remember voice searches are mostly done by virtual assistants and people hold conversations with their voice assistants. It is only natural that you blend in conversational keywords. An example is “How do you think SEO agencies can optimize my website”

Improve your Local SEO with Tecnoid

While there is a need to establish your online presence, it is more important to dominate your local space. This is where Tecnoid comes in with their SEO strategies. 

At Tecnoid we optimize your website for local directories like Yelp and Google Business because voice assistants use them to search for results. Google Business Profile is a free tool that influences your business visibility for Google searches, Google Maps and Google shopping. And Google assistants rely on Google business profiles for local queries. 

But this is not the case with Apple’s Sir, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. They do not only survey Google business profiles for local searches but also survey other local directories. It is just normal to leverage different directories to increase your chances of appearing on voice search results. Which is what we do. 

Tecnoid – Business Messiah

In September 2023, voice search has driven more than 2 billion dollars in sales alone. Thinking about your business being in that space making sales too?  We have given you a list of ways to optimize your website for voice searches. But more importantly, we advise that you visit a reputable SEO agency to optimize for voice search. Confused about where to find one? Here you go.