Almost nobody looks on the 2nd page of search results, not even you. As a business owner, you know that search engine optimization is necessary to stay relevant. Unlike social media marketing, SEO is not something you can learn as you apply it to your brand. The mistakes can harm your online presence, and so can hiring the wrong SEO agencies. Here are three compulsory questions to ask SEO experts before hiring them.

Can I see your portfolio?

Have they done this before? How long have they been helping businesses’ SEO? It is the first thing to ask before going further with an SEO professional. You don’t want to give your website to someone who does not understand the depths of optimization. A professional should definitely have experience. You can also go to the agency’s website to find it and read reviews from past clients.

How will you improve my website rankings?

There are several ways to optimize your website for higher rankings and increased traffic. Asking your experts this question will help you know their strategies and work process. Ensure that the experts mention a technical audit of your website first. You can ask questions based on scenarios to get more details about their actual abilities. Good SEO agencies should give a detailed workflow on optimizing your website for 100% success.

How long before I see results in my rankings?

If the SEO expert claims to give you results in a day, then run and don’t look back. Either that person is desperate to get you in as a client, or they have plans to go through SEO shortcuts that would harm your website later. An actual SEO professional might not be able to lock in an exact date but can provide a reasonable timeframe based on working with similar clients.

These three questions provide insights into these professionals and help determine if you want to proceed with further questions. After they cross these three bars, you can then proceed to ask questions like how they track success, the tools they use for campaigns, their frequency in communication, their pricing and payment plans, etc.

Hiring SEO Professionals

Before hiring an SEO professional, check their portfolio, read their online reviews, actually talk to them, understand their strategies, and know that they fit into your business goals. It is better to understand the SEO basics or have a team that understands how optimization works. Avoid the agencies that will not carry you along with the process, the ones that make unrealistic promises like ranking at the top in 3 days, or the ones that you can’t even find the people they claim to be their clients.

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