Competitor Analysis

We help you remain TWICE ahead of your competitors, no matter your industry or size using custom qualitative competitor analysis methodologies and high-level expertise.


Whether you own a new website or generate high traffic every month, an in-depth review of your competitors is constantly required to infiltrate your market and become the leader. SEO competitor analysis is a powerful research strategy that helps you rank higher, get more traffic, and increase conversions and loyal customers.

Here’s a brief of how we help our clients achieve this:

Competitor research: We use manual processes backed with advanced SEO tools to find niche market competitors and target keyword competitors. All the information is compiled neatly in a spreadsheet alongside the domains and positions. We leave nothing out.

SERP analysis: You need to focus on search intent to grow your traffic. This is where SERP analysis comes in. We analyse every ranking page on the target keyword to discover the features, the keyword’s difficulty, why your competitors are ranking, and most importantly, the gaps.

Content marketing strategy analysis: We analyse your competitor’s unicorn content to discover why it’s ranking and how yours can perform better. Our methods are unmatched and produce remarkable results.

Backlink analysis: No doubt, good links are difficult to earn. At Tecnoid, we use data and AI tools to discover the websites linking to your website. Then, we work to improve your domain authority and then position you to earn links from other relevant pages.

Competitor keyword analysis: Why is your competitor ranking for a particular keyword and you’re not? We use cutting-edge tools to spot the gaps in your and your competitor’s web page. Then, we choose only profitable keywords that bring quality leads to your site and start optimising your pages for them.


To achieve excellent and unbeatable results on the SERP, we don’t take up two clients targeting the same keyword.

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  • What is competitor Analysis in SEO?

    Competitor SEO Analysis is researching your direct competitors (selling similar products or services) or indirect competitors (targeting similar keywords) to identify critical areas – backlinks, targeted keywords, backlink profiles, etc. – to reverse engineer the successful elements in their tactics into your own strategy.

  • Why is competitor Analysis important for SEO?

    Competitor analysis is essential for SEO because it can help you identify and understand your competitors' strengths and weaknesses in the industry and how you can leverage this data in improving your website SEO strategy.