SEO Consultancy

You know where you are and where you want to be. Why not let us help you get there? We are a team of specialists skilled in providing fully integrated SEO solutions that turn organic search into a revenue generator.


Search engine optimisation is beyond keyword research and generating backlinks. It’s all about employing strategies – inbound marketing, competitive analysis, on-site SEO, influencer outreach, etc. – that generate the right conversions.

Tecnoid stands out from other SEO agencies and firms because we rigorously train our team members with the current SEO practices that guarantee 1st-page ranking, boosted traffic, and leads.

Don’t settle for words. Speak with one of our experts now at no charge.

  • What makes a good SEO consultant?

    A good SEO consultant provides a holistic solution to all your website needs – from creating an optimised content strategy to fixing technical issues. The right company: ● Understand your business goals and how to craft a working system that increases traffic and revenue ● Are specialists, not generalists. They are well-versed in everything from identifying core keywords to building topical authority in diverse industries ● Have a proven track record with measurable results to show ● Have a transparent work process. They don't make empty promises but provide honest ideas about your SEO campaigns.

  • Why should I hire an SEO consultant?

    The answer is simple - SEO consultants have on-hand experience with time-proven practices. They handle all the dirty work, and you reap all the results. If you're searching for a qualified SEO consultant, you're in the right place! Our clients trust us for 1st-page results and how fast we help them achieve their goals. Find out how we can replicate these results for your business.

  • What questions do I ask when vetting SEO consultants?

    Here are a few questions to find a proficient SEO consultant company that provides the results you're seeking: ● What is your SEO strategy, and how do you implement them to deliver results? ● What metric qualifies for a successful SEO campaign to you? ● How long will it take to see the results? ● What tools do you use? ● How do you stay up to date with Google algorithm changes? ● What information do we need to provide for the campaign to be successful? ● Do you have previous case studies?

  • How much should an SEO consultant charge?

    An SEO consultant can charge hourly or per contract, depending on the project. At Tecnoid, our pricing plans are flexible. Unlike other SEO firms, we don't sacrifice quality for affordability. No matter the size of your business, we offer the best prices for each service rendered! Request a free proposal now.