Technical SEO Audit

Are you tired of investing in quality content creation without results? The problem might not be your content but the technical aspects of your website!

A thorough technical SEO audit can help you maximise the potential of your website and get your content in the eyes of the right people!

At Tecnoid, we perform a thorough analysis of the technical aspects of your website to discover the root causes of your website. Our technical team is industry-certified experts who are adept in analysing data from your website to generate top results for our clients.

Some of the vital areas we focus on during SEO audit are but are not limited to:

  • Indexability
  • Loading speed and time
  • Crawlability
  • Content audit
  • Mobile Optimization
  • SERP features optimisation
  • Site Security
  • User experience
  • Keyword ranking
  • On and off-page optimisation

  • What is a technical SEO audit?

    A technical SEO audit is an aspect of SEO that accesses various elements of a website to ensure its adequately optimised for search engines. Due to the complexity of this process, various AI tools are employed to perform tasks faster.

  • Why is a technical SEO audit required?

    Without a technical SEO audit, your content may never get seen by your audience, no matter how informative. Technical SEO audit helps to improve your site structure and position it accordingly for visibility and higher rankings on SERPs.

  • When is a technical SEO audit required?

    This depends on several factors, for instance, your website's size or the competition level. Tecnoid experts recommend running a technical SEO audit: ● If your business is highly competitive, conduct SEO frequently audits to stay ahead ● If you’ve just established an online presence, run audits at least once in two weeks ● For small or medium-sized websites with minimal traffic, a biannual audit will suffice ● For large businesses with high monthly traffic, run audits every quarter

  • What are your strategies for technical SEO audits for a website?

    Our strategies cut across leading industry solutions that guarantee success no matter your industry, size, or targeted keyword. Following a bespoke process implemented with cutting-edge solutions and industry-leading expertise, we compounded an SOP that generates real-time traffic, lead generation, and high MRR for clients: ● First, we review your site using our SMART technical SEO framework to identify underlying issues ● Next, we use our tools to check crawlability and indexation issues, including Sitemap and Robots.txt errors, amongst others ● Then, we access your Meta descriptions, Hreflang tags, and other on-page SEO fundamentals to ensure they're well-optimized for search engine bots ● We also check for broken links and ensure proper interlinking across pages for improved user experience and bot crawl ● Lastly, we assess the site's performance and speed. We also provide experts recommendations to help you improve and sustain them ● Lastly, we check for other issues like mobile optimisation, log files analysis, bots' behaviour, and content audit.