Keyword Research

Supercharge your online visibility with the right keyword research. Tecnoid’s keyword research process helps businesses like yours to drive measurable and real-time business impacts using conversion-focused keywords.


Undoubtedly, keyword research is the foundation of any quality SEO strategy. Poorly done, it can wreck other methods employed to drive quality traffic to your site. Well done; it can snowball your online visibility and drive quality leads that will convert to paying customers.

At Tecnoid, we conduct extensive keyword research and mapping to identify primary, secondary, and accessory keywords. Our keyword research process is designed to take you from your current level to the top of the SERPs in record time.

Here’s How We Achieve This:

We don’t just choose any keywords. Instead, we focus on keywords that will drive organic traffic and conversions.

Competitor analysis: First, we assess your competition to know the keywords they’re ranking for on the SERPs.

Seed keyword research: Next, we use advanced AI, ML, and deep learning tools to comb the internet for more relevant and purchase-intent-based keywords.

Keyword analysis: Not all keywords are fit for any content. We will analyse the search volume, CPC value, difficulty score, and estimated time to rank. This will help us streamline our keywords list and pick the ones that’ll perform best.

More keywords: We use other traditional tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, answer the public, Google autocomplete tool, and Google search console, amongst others, to find other long tail and semantic keywords.

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  • What is keyword research?

    Keyword Research is a process or methodology employed to discover relevant search phrases, terms, and queries netizens use to find information about a product or service. This is an intent-based SEO strategy and helps businesses to be discovered by their exact target audience.

  • What are the three types of keywords, and why do they matter?

    The three major types of keywords are: ● Navigational keywords: these are used by searchers to find a specific site or page ● Commercial keywords: these are used by searchers looking for information on a particular product or service ● Informational keywords: these are search terms used to find answers to a specific question

  • Is Keyword research the same as SEO?

    No, keyword research isn't the same as SEO. Instead, it is a part of SEO and largely contributes to the success of your search engine rankings. Without this, your website pages will have minimal or low-quality traffic.

  • How do you do keyword research?

    There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as our process is unique to each client. But we use relevant tools such as Google Analytics, SEMRush, AHrefs, and lots more to conduct keyword research for our client's websites.