Website Audit and Recommendation

Discover if your website has what it takes to achieve your desired traffic goals. At Tecnoid, our experts comprehensively analyse your website and provide actionable practices to improve your online visibility,  sales conversions, and overall revenue growth. Here’s how.


When was the last time you conducted an SEO audit for your website?

Let’s be honest. When it comes to website SEO audits, there are many metrics to track. Success in organic search depends on how search engines evaluate your web pages. Are you tracking relevant KPIs that inform your marketing decisions? Here’s where we come in.

At Tecnoid, we focus on the vitals. You care about increasing your revenue and ROI. We will help you get there. Our SEO website auditors combine advanced third-party tools and professional expertise to identify areas of improvement and optimise accordingly for high – even higher– traffic. We leave no area uncovered – site structure, UX/UI, website performance, etc.

But that’s not all. We also provide website maintenance tactics to ensure your site operates optimally, any day and anytime.

Why Not Give Us A Call For A Free Website Audit?

  • What is the purpose of a website audit?

    Website SEO audit gives you a detailed insight into your website's performance and speed. It helps to identify key areas limiting traffic, sales conversions, and growth rate.

  • How much does a website audit cost?

    The costs of a website audit depend on your website's size and the level of audit you need. Schedule a free consultation with any of our technical experts to get a quote.

  • How do I know I need a website audit?

    Are you using low-quality backings? Is your site loading speed? Is your URL structure helping you? How many quality backlinks do you have? If you're unsure of your response, you need a website audit. Don’t settle for guesses. Be sure. Get a full no-obligation consultation with any of the website auditors at Tecnoid.

  • What does a website SEO audit include?

    A website SEO audit is unique to different agencies, professionals, and businesses. At Tecnoid, our processes have been tried severally and updated with recent search engine trends to improve your rankings. We offer any or all of these services: ● Technical audit ● On page audit ● Off-page audit ● Social audit ● Competitor audit ● Local SEO audit ● Content analysis ● Popularity assessment ● Site speed Using advanced tools coupled with our stellar record of success, we provide a detailed analysis of every item affecting your website.